Talk by Dr Loukia Taxitari

‘In the beginning was the word’

Talk summary

How language develops in babies? In this talk will see what the language abilities are at different ages, how the infants use their words to refer to the objects around them and how their knowledge about objects in general affects their word use. In particular, I am leading a research project investigating how children in Cyprus develop linguistically compared to children in other countries. This is the first time language development is studied so extensively in Cyprus, and we aim to answer questions such as how infants’ language development is affected when a regional dialect and a standard language are used.

Short bio

Loukia has obtained a BA in Greek Philology at the University of Athens, with a specialisation in Linguistics. She then continued with post-graduate studies at the University of Oxford, from where she obtained an M.Phil. in General Linguistics and a D.Phil. on language and cognitive development. Her interests lie in first language acquisition, that is the manner in which humans acquire language, especially at the early stages of this process. She is currently based at the Cyprus University of Technology.

Details about the event

Meeting at the Columbia Plaza, Limassol
7.00 p.m. a cash bar
7.30 p.m. Presentation by Dr Loukia Taxitari
The cost for Members and their guests will be twenty Euros, inclusive of light refreshments with wine/soft drinks following the presentation.
Please let me Charles Dodd (Chairman) know as soon as possible, and certainly by Monday 25th January, whether you will be attending, and, if so, please indicate the numbers in your party. Please reply to (telephone 99474811).

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