Talk by Dr Anastasia Constantinou: Let’s talk about innovation!


The Oxford Society’s next meeting will be on the evening of Wednesday, 14th of June at Hilton Cyprus, Nicosia. Our speaker will be Dr Anastasia Constantinou, Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre (ENTICE) and IDEA Programme coordinator at the Cyprus International Institute of Management.

Brief outline: Much is said about innovation, which has become a major buzz word, creating a veil of mystery around it as being rare, complicated and strictly scientific! In my presentation, I will try to demystify innovation by discussing the basic concepts, the drivers and the types and sources through examples from our everyday lives. I will conclude with some remarks on the importance of protecting intellectual property in the innovation process.

Speaker profile: Dr Anastasia Constantinou is the director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre, ENTICE, of the Cyprus International Institute of Management, CIIM, and a member of the CIIM resident faculty, teaching Entrepreneurship and Innovation related topics. She is behind the initiation, design and development of the IDEA programme cofounded by CIIM and the Bank of Cyprus which she coordinates from the side of CIIM and is an executive member of its steering committee.

Anastasia combines academic, industrial, business and consulting background in the fields of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Research for more than 25 years having lived and worked in three countries, UK, Greece and Cyprus. She actively supports the development of start-ups in Cyprus and has played an instrumental role in the creation of two academic spin-offs in Greece. She is involved in the patenting of technologies and in negotiating licensing agreements for the exploitation of research results from Universities and research institutions in Greece and in Cyprus. She is also the main inventor of an international industrial patent.

Anastasia holds a BSc in Metallurgy from UMIST, UK, an MSc in Materials Research and a PhD in Materials Engineering from Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, UK and an MBA from CIIM, Cyprus. She is a Chelsea fan by birth!

For more details check the Facebook event.

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