Talk by Dr Loukia Taxitari

‘In the beginning was the word’

Talk summary

How language develops in babies? In this talk will see what the language abilities are at different ages, how the infants use their words to refer to the objects around them and how their knowledge about objects in general affects their word use. In particular, I am leading a research project investigating how children in Cyprus develop linguistically compared to children in other countries. This is the first time language development is studied so extensively in Cyprus, and we aim to answer questions such as how infants’ language development is affected when a regional dialect and a standard language are used.

Short bio

Loukia has obtained a BA in Greek Philology at the University of Athens, with a specialisation in Linguistics. She then continued with post-graduate studies at the University of Oxford, from where she obtained an M.Phil. in General Linguistics and a D.Phil. on language and cognitive development. Her interests lie in first language acquisition, that is the manner in which humans acquire language, especially at the early stages of this process. She is currently based at the Cyprus University of Technology.

Details about the event

Meeting at the Columbia Plaza, Limassol
7.00 p.m. a cash bar
7.30 p.m. Presentation by Dr Loukia Taxitari
The cost for Members and their guests will be twenty Euros, inclusive of light refreshments with wine/soft drinks following the presentation.
Please let me Charles Dodd (Chairman) know as soon as possible, and certainly by Monday 25th January, whether you will be attending, and, if so, please indicate the numbers in your party. Please reply to (telephone 99474811).

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What’s in a Name? The Federal Republic of Cyprus – Talk by Alper Riza

Alper Riza

The next meeting of the Oxford University Society in Cyprus will take place on Tuesday 10th November at the Poseidonia Beach Hotel on the seafront in Limassol. Our speaker will be Alper Riza QC. The title of his presentation is “What’s in a Name? The Federal Republic of Cyprus”.

Alper Riza is a London-based barrister. He was called to the Bar in 1973, became a Queen’s Counsel in 1991 and a part-time judge in 1992. He was appointed a Recorder of the Crown Court in 2000. His practice has been mostly concerned with the defence of immigrants and refugees in the context of Criminal law, Constitutional and Administrative law, EU law and Human Rights law, and International and Refugee law. He describes hisbackground as “old school Cypriot – down to Turkish father and Greek mother, English language and culture – and proud of it! A few more like us and there would be no Cyprus problem.” His interests outside law are British politics, journalism (you may have read some of his incisive articles in the local press), music and chess.

The evening will start with a cash bar at 7.00 pm for 7.30 pm. Alper Riza’s presentation will be followed by dinner at the hotel. The cost per person is the usual charge of 30 euros, inclusive of dinner and wine/soft drinks.

To help with planning this event, we would be grateful for an early reply. Please let Charles Dodd know as soon as possible whether you will be coming, and certainly by Thursday 5th November. If you are bringing guests, please let us know.

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Freshers’ (and alumni) party at Malindi


The Cyprus Branch of the Oxford Society will be holding an informal party for this year’s Freshers (there are eight postgraduates and just one undergraduate). The party will be at Malindi on the seafront in the Amathus area east of Limassol. Details are:

Meet at 7.30 pm on Friday 25th September

Malindi is a beach bar/restaurant on Amathoundos Avenue, near Uptown Square and the Grand Resort Hotel. From the Highway take the exit to Parekklisia and follow the sign to St Raphael Marina; shortly before the St Raphael Hotel turn right towards the beach; after 50m there is a car park on the right; Malindi is at the far end of the car park.

Light refreshments and drinks will be available.

Please let Charles Dodd (Chairman) know by email ( whether you will be able to come on the 25th. An early reply is always helpful.

We greatly look forward to meeting you!

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Talk by John Hourican (and dinner)


The next meeting of the Oxford University Society (Cyprus Branch) will be held in Nicosia on Tuesday 26th May 2015. Our speaker will be Mr John Hourican, Group Chief Executive Officer of the Bank of Cyprus. Mr Hourican will “engage in a conversation on the topical matters of the day, most specifically positioning the economy to grow such that it can support a future prosperity for the younger generations of Cyprus”.

The details are:
7.00 pm meet at the Hilton Hotel, Makarios Avenue, Nicosia; a cash bar
7.30 pm Mr Hourican’s presentation and discussion
followed by dinner at the hotel

The charge for members and their guests will be 30 euros per person, inclusive of dinner with wine/soft drinks.

Please let Charles Dodd (Chairman) know by Friday 22th May whether you will be attending and, if so, the number in your party and any vegetarian preferences.

An early reply is always helpful.

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“The Cyprus Crisis: is it over yet?” -Talk and dinner

Fiona Mullen

Since the crisis of March 2013, Cyprus’ economic performance continues to surprise on the upside.

Fiona Mullen, Director of Sapienta Economics Ltd, will discuss the latest macroeconomic, fiscal, banking-sector and natural gas trends; she will examine whether the good news can last.

The arrangements for the meeting are:
Meeting at the Mediterranean Beach Hotel, Amathus Area, Limassol
7.00 p.m. A cash bar in the Clouds Bar
7.30 p.m. Presentation by Fiona Mullen in the Ionia Hall followed by Dinner at the Hotel

The cost per person will be thirty Euros, inclusive of dinner with wine/soft drinks.

Please let me know by Friday 14th November, whether you will be attending, and, if so, please indicate the numbers in your party and any vegetarian preferences.

Please reply to
Charles Dodd Chairman, Oxford University Society (Cyprus)

For more details check the Facebook event.

Freshers’ event 2014 – Oxford University Society Cyprus


Two years ago the Oxford University Society in Cyprus ran a successful social and networking evening in Nicosia. The Committee is planning to run a similar event in September.

The details are:

All Oxford Alumni in Cyprus are invited. Partners/guests are also welcome.

Meet at 7.30 p.m. on Thursday 18th September at the Caraffa Bastione, Famagusta Gate, Nicosia

There will be a cash bar – with light snacks paid for by the Society.

This is an opportunity to renew acquaintances and to meet new people – an informal social occasion and also a chance to make professional contacts and exchange ideas.

We shall be inviting all Freshers going up to Oxford from Cyprus this year. Please come if you can and help to welcome them to the Society.

Please let Charles Dodd (Chairman of the Society) know whether you will be able to attend. RSVP by 11th September.

Check the Facebook event here.